Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great new titles!

If you are a blogger or book reviewer, I encourage you to sign up for Net Galley.  It is the best! Kind of compare it to checking out an e-library book, but for longer.  It is easy to download the books into Adobe Digital Editions and you can even side load them onto a nook. (I have one and it is great to be able to use product from other sources to take with me everywhere.)You read, review and pass along your thoughts to publishers. All on books that aren't even out to the general public, so you can blog and talk about titles early. There are more publishers participating than ever before. I had to admit I was impressed with the selections.

Teen has a good array of titles and the cookbook section had me kind of drooling. Okay, yes I totally was. Some of the titles I saw are going to be big this holiday season. Very cool indeed.

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