Monday, March 5, 2012

Crochet Inspiration by Sasha Kagan

Celebrated designer and renowned colorist Sasha Kagan has created a distinctive crochet reference that showcases her unique sensibility. Containing more than 200 swatch designs in her signature style, this is a must-have manual for beginning and experienced stitchers alike. Special chapters on fabric, motifs, grannies, and flowers highlight a myriad of patterns, including beautiful lace, shell, and cluster stitch variations, and gorgeous circular and hexagonal designs. Each chapter also includes stunning garments, such as a classic Chanel cropped jacket in woven mesh, a lacy shawl with leaf embellishments, and a 1920's cloche cap covered in crocheted blossoms. Every one has a special individuality that transcends "here today, gone tomorrow" trends, so crocheters will enjoy these for a long time."A Main Selection of the Crafter's Choice Book Club."


This beautiful book is on my craft table and I adore it. Filled with new and interesting ways to piece together granny squares and lovely flower designs, this book is a must for anyone who crochets. One of the delicate floral patterns hooked me right away and I knew I had to put this wonderful book in my library.


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Sasha Kagan said...

Thank you for the wonderfull reveiw of my book. Love your blog and will now follow with interest, all the best and happy discovering Sasha ><