Monday, February 25, 2013

Simply Crochet: Simply Wonderful!

Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Everyday


When I got my review copy of this book I was more than a little excited. My friend had a copy and had shown it to me, making me instantly drool. I was not disappointed as I sat with my e-reader and thumbed through the pages. I immediately set upon a crochet hook and began to ponder the great projects set before me.

The cover piece is what really hooked me. (No pun intended.) The Iced Ascot scarf is simply lovely and has an easy pattern that works well with both written and charted instruction. As someone who is learning to do both, this was awesome.

The other cool thing about this book are the helpful hints with each project. Like, how to organize yarn to find something for seasonal use. Nice idea to set things up by fiber. I had always done it by color, or whatever giant bin or box I had available.

The next piece that grabbed me was the twist cowl/wrap. You can make it to be either and it is light and airy. Here in Texas, that is a must have for the spring and summer months. Too much and you are yanking it off your neck before long.

The Emma Lace Scarf had me transfixed. It was inspired by a Victorian leather belt and worked in two directions. Done in a red Marino, this is a stunning piece.

If you've always wanted to experience Tunisian crochet, then the neck lattice on page 41 is going to be a small project that is worth the try. I bought myself a hook and am about to see how it goes. Stay tuned for pictures as I go!

As the book goes on you get projects for more than one ball and each of them is a work of art. From a tapestry basket to some quirky hand puppets and my favorite, the giselle vest, you can't miss with this book.

If you love to crochet, then this is the book for you. Great gifts or just for yourself, this collection has practical and whimsical ideas to keep you hooking for quite a while.


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