Monday, April 14, 2014

Knitting Architecture

INTERWEAVE-Knitting Architecture. Explore twenty patterns that reveal the foundations of knitting design: form following function; details of construction; and the special relationship between raw materials and a finished product. There are many parallels between knitting a sweater and constructing a building: both of these processes rely on an idea; a blueprint or schematic; math; materials; and a little bit of inspiration. Choices made in constructing a garment; such as creating yokes; shaping; and hems; mimic the choices made as a building is constructed. In both cases; these elements come together for a striking effect. Author: Tanis Gray. Softcover; 160 pages. Published 2013. Imported.

Tanis Gray has done some incredible work with this book. Inspired from art and history, these patterns are in themselves art with form and function. The King's College Pullover with vaults, buttresses and archways screams Gothic architecture. Cabled knits and a ribbed collar pull this piece by Mari Muinonen together. It is lovely.

The Beaux Arts Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald is a stellar construction of lace panels, I-cord edging with slight waist shaping, some pretty ornate panels and buttons that match the color scheme. The simple stockinette stitch comprises a good deal of the piece and shows just how a few pieces of elegant stitchery and a good old standard stitch can work wonders. 

The Hotel Tassel Wrap has to be my favorite piece from the book. Lace and cables make up this Art Nouveau inspired wrap by Asa Tricosa. Lace, mesh, garter edge detail and a cabled motif follows the style of Victor Horta and his Hotel Tassel. The green lace weight yarn is glorious and the pattern is both written and charted out for ease of use.

This book is a must for all art and architecture lovers.


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