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Taming Fate


Praise for Forged by Fate (“Fate of the Gods” Book 1):

“You won’t be able to deny that Miss Dillin is a genius … This story was absolutely amazing. It’s like 
nothing I’ve read before … a complete game changer.” 
— Parajunkee 

“An amazing fantasy world which succeeds in cleverly incorporating history, mythology and biblical 
figures. The seamless integration of Norse and Greek gods was inspired and I can’t wait to see 
where this series heads next.” 
— Book Chick City 

“One of the more fascinating and haunting books I’ve read in quite some time.” 
— JC Andrijeski, Allie’s War 

“A beautiful, sweeping story that puts on display the power of every interpretation of love, and the 
truth of what can be accomplished when people choose peace over strife. I couldn’t put it out of my 
mind for days.” 
— Trisha Leigh, The Last Year 

For the first time in her many lives, Eve would rather be anywhere but home. In 15th Century France,
Eve would have burned as a witch if it hadn’t been for the too-timely arrival of the Marquis DeLeon to
save her skin. But Eve didn’t ask to be rescued, and their hasty marriage is off to anything but a smooth
start. As tensions in the town grow and plague threatens, Ryam DeLeon knows if he and Eve cannot find
common ground, their first Christmas may be their last.

Taming Fate will be available in trade paperback and ebook via,,, and other online retailers, and for wholesale through Ingram. You can also find Taming Fate
on Goodreads.

About the author:

Amalia Dillin began as a Biology major before taking Latin and
falling in love with old heroes and older gods. After that, she couldn't
stop writing about them, with the occasional break for more
contemporary subjects. Her short stories have been published by Daily
Science Fiction and Birdville magazine, and she's also the author of the
“Fate of the Gods” series and Honor Among Orcs, the first book in the
Orc Saga. Amalia lives in upstate New York with her husband, and
dreams of the day when she will own goats — to pull her chariot
through the sky, of course.

About the pubisher:

World Weaver Press is a publisher of fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, dedicated to producing
quality works. We believe in great storytelling.

Publication Date: June 24 •

The Stories That Don’t Quite Fit, But Still Need Telling

The best part about writing novellas for the Fate of the Gods series, is that I’m able to flesh out some of the stories that don’t fit into the overarching narrative of the trilogy. In TEMPTING FATE, for instance, I got to explore Mia’s character and her relationships with both Adam and Eve. Now, in TAMING FATE, I get to delve a little bit more deeply into the story of Eve’s marriage to the Marquis DeLeon.

This story in particular felt like a necessary addition to the series, even though I knew early on that not much of it would fit into the novels themselves. We get so many hints of it in FORGED BY FATE and FATE FORGOTTEN, and there are so many references to this particular marriage in Eve’s very many lives, that I would have felt as though the books were incomplete if I didn’t address it more fully somehow.

Fortunately for me, my editor was just as curious about this lifetime as I was, so I knew we’d find a way. A novella seemed like a perfect compromise – it offered enough space to address the challenges of Eve and Ryam’s relationship, but in a way that complemented the series on the whole, rather than taking focus away from the major narratives presented in the trilogy. It’s a glimpse of the kind of trouble that Eve faced in even the best of her lives, and the lengths she was willing to go to protect the people she loved, and the family she founded.

But not only that, we also get an idea of exactly who this Marquis DeLeon was, and how his ideas and relationship with Eve shaped the House of Lions. It wasn’t enough, in my opinion, to hear Garrit talk about him in Eve’s present, or for Eve to dwell on him, even curse him for keeping his secrets. I wanted to see it – and I wanted readers to have a fully realized understanding of his character! And the best way to go about it, it seemed to me, was to give you all a peek at the world he lived in, and the struggles he faced both in marrying Eve, and at her side.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Ryam DeLeon as much as I enjoyed writing him!

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