Friday, January 14, 2011

My latest bookpile.

My writing desk. Well, sort of. It has become a home for all of my arcs, galleys, yarn, knitting and crochet books, tulips and yes, the bag of caramel corn you see poking out behind the flowers.

Lately, most of my writing and blogging has been supervised by my hysterical dog Tadpole. Love him to death. He, above all my other rescue dogs, is my best friend. So, I write on the bed, with him tucked next to me, fondly looking at my desk and sighing. I have tried. Over the holidays I even managed to clear some space with clear intent of working. I sat down, computer in place and even started to type. It lasted two seconds. Something scrabbled at my right leg. Then my left leg. Then I felt the wet nose poking at my kneecaps. It was Tadpole. I lifted him up and into my lap. Try to type and hold a dog. It isn't easy. Finally I gave up and planted him and myself in bed with all of my blogging and writing supplies.

Even now, here we are, huddled under quilts and blankets, listening to audio books and typing blog posts. I have one thought.

Life is good.
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Rebecca Rasmussen said...

I love the sound of that kind of evening -- being all tucked in with books and a pooch. Happy reading! xo