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The Highwayman's Bride Virtual Book Tour

The Highwayman’s Bride
by Jane Beckenham



England, 1813

Forced into a marriage . . .

Compelled by her uncle to marry a man who has a predilection for violence, Tess Stanhope resorts to a ploy from her favorite novels to fund an escape—highway robbery. But her attempt is botched by a maddening, handsome rogue named Aiden.

Driven by revenge . . .

Aiden Masters, the Earl of Charnley, is hell-bent on avenging his sister’s brutal treatment at the hands of the criminal Florian Nash. He single-mindedly seeks vengeance at the expense of all else—even by furtively roaming the highways at night. 

Blackmailed for love . . .

At a London party Tess meets up with Aiden once again and blackmails him...marry her or she’ll divulge to society his clandestine life as a highwayman. She desires a marriage in name only—but the more time they spend fighting their desire, the closer they come giving in.


Excerpt Four:

Her mind reeled at his closeness, a sensory world of heat and touch. Of sinful thoughts. Concentrate. Stick with the plan.

What plan? This had been a spur of the moment idea. Now she had to make it work.

A flurry of nerves and fear coiled tight in her gut. This man was big. Her gaze dropped to his hands. Big hands. Hands that could break her with one flick of his wrists.

Tess knew she tempted him, which was exactly as it needed to be if she were to succeed. Then he did something she hadn’t expected. He lifted a hand to her neck, scraping the back of his fingers along its curve. Her breath hitched for a heartbeat.

Do it, Tess. He’s your only hope.

“I desire the independence of a married woman,” she said in a rush.

His eyes darkened to the color of the deepest night sky. “And?”

The tip of her tongue slid along the rim of her mouth, and butterflies fluttered in her stomach. “Marry me, Aiden, and you’ll never see me again. Marry me, or I will announce to the world your penchant for robbery.”

His hand fell away, his expression instantly stony. “You are either very brave, Tess Stanhope, or extremely foolish.”

“I know what I want.”

“So do I.”

Then he kissed her—and that changed everything.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Multi-published author Jane Beckenham lives in a tiny slice of paradise just north of Auckland, New Zealand. From her office she can watch the tuis and fantails flit about, along with families of pukeko and quails and a pair of lorikeets have taken up residence.

Along with the menagerie of bird life, are Jane’s husband of thirty years and two daughters, and her beloved dog, Bingo.

For the last ten years Jane has sat in her office every day, writing stories of hope and dreams that bring a smile to her face and hopefully her readers too.  Romance, love and honor are the words in Jane’s tag line, and words she believes are the centre of all her romances.

Jane’s love of reading began as a child when she spent years in hospital. Those days inspired her dreams, which over the years have become a crucial part of her life. Dreaming of being able to walk again, then dreaming of her own happy after, and dreaming of becoming a mother, and subsequently adopting her daughters from Russia.

Come and dream a little while with Jane.

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There's nothing like reading about enticing a highway man whose an earl nonetheless. And then we have our heroine who sounds very independent indeed even given her predicament. I'm really looking forward to reading this book.
Happy Holidays

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I love the premise of the story and can't wait to read it.


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I love that last sentence...Can a kiss really change everything? In romance novels it can! LOL.
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Heather Hand said...

I love your twist - usually it is the froom that blackmails the bride into marriage not the other way around! I can tell this is going to be a very interesting read!

Your biography sounds like that with some very hard work you were able to create your own HEA! CONGRATS - that also takes courage & discipline & a bit [okay A LOT] of stubbornness! Amazing!

Email - hhand (at) sasktel (dit) net *IF I WIN COULD YOU PLEASE DO AN AMAZON.CA GIFT CARD* thanks :-)