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Timeless Endings Virtual Book Tour

Timeless Endings
by Alexandra Forry



Evelyn turned toward the lights of the city. The view was breathtaking as she stood looking down on Las Vegas, lovingly wrapped in Tony’s arms. It was a moment she would keep deep in her heart, forever. “Look at this—The City of Gold!” Evelyn exclaimed as Tony kissed her forehead. “And it’s all ours, Eve!”

Thus begins a heartwarming and harrowing tale of life and forbidden love lost to one generation and found in the next. Caught between a turbulent love triangle that shook the very foundations of the Mafia’s Las Vegas Empire, and a deadly struggle for wealth and power, Mob Boss and “King of Las Vegas” Tony Torino, his mistress hustler and onetime showgirl Evelyn Rosenberg, and her husband top Chicago mobster Charlie “Gus” Rosenberg live and love in defiance of the violent and unforgiving laws of the Mafia. All that remains is Evelyn’s carefully preserved diary left by Gus to be discovered by his daughter Adriane and Tony’s son Victor as they pack up her late father’s belongings. Through the vivid and brilliant use of flashbacks, juxtaposed with current events, we witness one of the most beautiful and ill-fated love stories of the last century. As Victor, a forest ranger who fled his family’s Mob past, and Adriane, an attorney being pressured to work for the Mafia, read through the diary old hatreds and new alliances rise leaving us to wonder if history will repeat itself.


Excerpt Three:

“Vic, you can’t just walk into Sonny Graziano’s office!” Al said, trying to get Victor to see reason.

“I’m going in, no matter what happens!”

“You’re not thinking right, my boy!”

“Yes I am! You can’t stop me! I've never fulfilled the vendetta for my father’s death!”

“Let’s grab a drink and talk about this some more,” Al begged him.

“Why? I finally have Adriane at last and now look at this mess… Adriane knows that Adam is our brother, and on top of everything else, Lisa is pregnant!”

“You’re teasing me?”

“Nope, I wish, but my mind is made up! My gun is loaded and I’m ready to kill.”

“Wait, you don’t have to go in there!”

“That would make me not my father’s son! Dad would do the same thing as me.”

“I beg to differ.  He would have a plan and a few cards up his sleeve.”

“Excuse me for not being my father! You have no room to talk, Uncle Al.  You ran as far as you could from this Mafia stuff.” Victor pointed out, tired of living in his father’s grand shadow.

“I would be dead now if I hadn’t run! I thought you wanted nothin’ to do with this kind of life?”

Hello, I’m Alexandra Forry, the author of Timeless Endings, a new sub-genre in the romance novel arena. Timeless Endings is a romance set in the world of the mafia. I’m so excited to be a Guest Blogger on Book Girl Knitting.
Today, I’m going to tell you what my own thoughts on Romance, Love and Sex. I happen to be jumping on the lime here, what is the different kinds of romance that one may experience over a life time? Some say that you love once in your life time, but is it true? Maybe in the 1950’s when people married, sleep in twin bed, and stay married to death do us part. One shall will never know.
In this day and age you can have casual sex or hooking up outside the context of a romantic relationship. One wonder’s if casual sex might turn into romance? This my point I am trying to get across, different kinds of romance relationship. When most people date sex in the picture. Also I have to think about all the affair’s that happen when one is married and the sex has gone out turning it into a sexless marriage? It also might happened you have been dating someone for a while.
Look at our Social Media, sex seem to be always in our faces, TV shows, movie, music, video games, even on Facebook and such. As children we were drilled growing up that we need to wait to have sex on our wedding night or go to hell. As we grew up and enter high school we feel things towards someone, this being called “High School Sweethearts” then it come the big “Q” do I want to get marry right out of high school? What about College? What if I fell in with another man whom is my soul mate and I can’t be with him since I married my high school Sweetheart? Now people go to college and the same thing has happen all over again. I could go on and on with this subject at hand.
Another kind of romance that I want to point out is a kind of romance that sometimes doesn’t involve sex. You might think WHAT? It’s what I like to call pure romantic without sex. It’s when you love someone very much but you give up having sex with them for whatever reason. You two might talk about sex, but at the end you can’t act on it. The point that I’m trying to say that, I believe that love, romantic love can come in all types of forms, and when you least expect it. That’s the kind of a romance I enjoy writing.
Did I made you think?
I want to thank Book Girl Knitting for the big honor of having me and my book Timeless Ending on this blog today. If you have any questions or comments, I will be happy to answer.

Alexandra Forry

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Alexandra Forry was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has Cerebral Palsy but that doesn't stop her from doing what she wants! Omerta Affair was her first novel, then she came out with Timeless Endings, which is the same story line as Omerta Affair but aimed as a woman’s romance. Alexandra is currently working on her fourth novel. She enjoys being a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers as well as RWA.



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