Monday, May 26, 2014


by Alexandra Forry



In this beautiful and moving story of love, growth, and redemption among the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Sydney—a teenaged Army orphan—discovers that love knows no bounds and life has many twists and turns of fate. After she is forced to move in with her late mother’s sister Blanche and Blanche’s abusive alcoholic husband Dean, Sidney finds purpose and friendship in Lexy, the daughter of Max Heller the City’s most prominent widower and business magnate. Unknowingly, the girls’ antics awaken Blanche’s lost and suppressed passions and stirs Max’s long-thwarted drive to build a loving and complete family. What emerges is the wonderfully successful Epicurian Café, the brainchild of Blanche and Sydney actively encouraged by Max and Lexy. The Café quickly becomes a center of the community, the start of a new life for Blanche and Sydney, and a chance for Max and Lexy to discover true love and the meaning of commitment. An emotional roller-coaster with its exciting twists and turns, Wildflower is an exhilarating and satisfying read


Excerpt Three:

“I must tell you something. I usually don’t do this.”
Do what, Blanche?”
“Drink wine under the stars by a creek with a man who I have just met.”
“But that’s part of what makes life worth living.”   

Before Blanche could reply, Annette rounded the corner and joined them.

“There you are; I’ve been looking for the two of you everywhere.” Annette stopped to catch her breath.  “What is it?” Blanche asked.

“Blanche, I hate to do this to you, but I need to go home now. Jordan called to say his school project requires him to light a fire, and I don’t want him playing with a flame when I’m not home.”

“I can certainly understand that.” Blanche looked at her friend and back to Max, then she stood up. Max didn’t want Blanche to go, but realized they had to leave.”

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Max. Goodbye,” she said.

“Good night,” Annette told Max.

For the first time in his life he was not sure what to say. Blanche and Annette started to walk away.  Annette went on about her son.

“Blanche, wait! If you want to stay longer I can drive you home, if you’d like,” Max said standing up from the table and walking over to them.

Blanche stopped walking and turned around to face Max. He could tell she was thinking about it.

“I would like that. Annette, do you mind?” Blanche asked her.


1. Plotter or panster? I’m panster all the way. I sit down and let the words flow out of my fingertips. I tried to plot a million times but when I am writing the story end up taking a better turn then what I’ve plan. That’s why I love to write, I love to watch my book unfold as I typed.   

2. What books have influenced your writing style? I have to say that LaVyrle Spencer had to play a part in my writing. I love the way she writes, when you read one of her books it’s so easy to lose track of time. I remember reading “Home Song” by her and I read half of the book in one sitting. 

3. Classics or something else? I love almost all kinds of music. I listen to music all day long most days form Classics, 70’s, to the todays top 5 hits.
4. Favorite ice cream flavor? I never had like Ice Cream that much to tell you the truth.

5. Favorite type of character to write about? I have to say that my most favorite characters to write about is mobsters. I’m fascinated with them, the lifestyle that they lived, and the price they paid for it. I’m not trying to glorify mobsters, I'm telling it how it was back then. It’s a part of our US history.

6. Tell us one thing about you that no one knows. I just love Broadway shows! I grew up watching them on TV dancing and singing along. A few years ago the first performing arts center opened in Las Vegas, The Smith Center, there you can watch Broadway shows and performances. It's always a treat when to go there A few years ago the first performing arts center opened in Las Vegas, The Smith Center, there you can watch Broadway shows and performances. It's always a treat when to go there

7. Name three things on your desk right now. Today I have a slinky, a cool coffee cup from the old Alpine Village Inn that was in Las Vegas, and a lamp.

8. What is next on your writing timetable? Sorry my lips are shut, let’s just say it would be a great read. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Alexandra Forry was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has Cerebral Palsy but that doesn't stop her from doing what she wants! Omerta Affair was her first novel, then she came out with Timeless Endings, which is the same story line as Omerta Affair but aimed as a woman’s romance. Alexandra is currently working on her fourth novel. She enjoys being a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers as well as RWA.



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