Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laura's Handmade Life Review, Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Laura Lovegrove is leaving behind her seamless life in London. Architect husband Adi has been relocated to rural Norfolk, a far cry from ultra-urban Ealing.Though Laura knew village life would be different, she didn't foresee a pokey cottage, nosey neighbours, errant poodles, and even an ex turning up. Chris had been her big love at art college and seeing him again is utterly confusing. Is she really so different from the impulsive student who once trawled charity shops for vintage treasures?When a fire all but destroys Laura's collection of vintage clothes, she's heartbroken. And seriously lacking in outfits. But, salvaging what she can, Laura makes do and mends - sewing purses, bags, even dog leads (which should solve the poodle problem). Soon, she's inundated with orders. But Adi is becoming more and more distant; it's like there's something he's not telling her. Can Laura make a stitch in time and pull her family back together again?

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a review. I found it to be a great chick lit style read and enjoyed it very much.

The best part about this book is the lead character Laura, and her determination in the darkest of times. What would I do if my house caught on fire? I mean, really. That and dealing with all of the other plot developments in the book, I thought author Amanda Addison did a wonderful job of making it part chick lit, part sewing circle and a whole lot of story. The book has a crisp feel, and with the tone of writing, you feel like you really are in the British countryside, living in a house with a thatched roof and all of the other things that as an American, I would not even begin to think of. Excellent!

Keeping in the theme of art and design, Amanda Addison gives us patterns for some of her creations in the book. Her use of scraps of fabric and creativity is an inspiration for us all. If you enjoy books about needlework, relationships and friendship, you will love this book.

Now for the contest:


*One entry per person.
*You must be 13 or older to enter.
*This contest is international.
*Books will be sent by the publisher and I am not responsible for books not getting to the intended winner.
*Winner be notified of status by email and have up to four days to respond. If no response, the next person will be chosen.
*Winners will be chosen at random, but the more points you have, the better your chance to win.
*The contest will be from June 30th-July 20th 2011.
*Five copies of the book will be given as prizes.

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