Friday, December 31, 2010

Thinking about dogs tonight.

These three crazy pups are mine. On the left is Tigger, Chloe the Great Dane is in the middle. On the right is Marley, our hound. He is very much on my mind tonight as I wait to hear from the vet in the morning.

Marley, true to his name, eats everything and is a complete mischief maker. If any of you have read Marley and Me, that is who we named this dog after. He is a walking garbage disposal.

After some long nights of vomiting and other fun surprises, my husband and I had to rush him to the emergency room. He then went to our new vet and they performed surgery on him this afternoon.

Knee high pantyhose. Wow. They had to open the stomach and intestines in three places. Unbelievable.

Tomorrow we find out how he is doing. The vet says he is in critical condition. I pray he gets better soon. The house is just too quiet.

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Selena said...

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